Sunday, July 10, 2011

Congratulations, Baby Sister

As I blogged about on her belly button birthday,  I was thrilled when my one and only Baby Sister was born when I was seven years old. I finally had a sister.

Today, Baby Sister celebrates seven years clean. I found this image online today, and it made me think about what an amazing journey my sister and I have been on, both individually and together.

During her formative teenage years, I was a really bad role model for my sister. No doubt about it. I am grateful that I found recovery in the late 1980s, and I like to think that I became a better role model for her when she finally sought recovery for herself around a decade ago.  

I am so proud of Baby Sister, and her recovery. Once again, I finally have the sister that I have always wanted. What I know with absolute certainty, is that I love her immensely. Always have. Always will. I know how rare it is for siblings to find themselves in recovery together. We really have been truly blessed with...amazing grace.

This one's for you, Baby Sister.


  1. How wonderful is it that you and she have time to repair and rebuild your relationship. My younger sister died at 49 three years ago while living in Russia and before we had a chance to get close as adults. Hug her hard and tell her Every Single Day that you love and need her in your life.

  2. Oh, Lynda. I am sorry for your loss. I will hug my sister hard when she arrives here on Thursday - she is coming with her husband and two of her four kids to spend a week by the sea with my husband and I, and our Dad. (The trip is his Father's Day present).

  3. I never knew this!
    My sister and I are in recovery together as well and the story is, um, interesting.

    In fact, we both left our twenty year careers to return to school for CD Counseling.

    A sweet tribute you wrote here!! Love to know this about you

  4. Great post Dawn, thanks for sharing so openly about your relationship with your sister. When we are open we extend the invitation and freedom to others to be open also, and a ripple effect takes place. Awesome!