Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just Another Woman in Recovery

So here is the deal. Part of my story (but not all of it) is that I am woman in recovery, and recovery is an important part of my life. But it is not my entire life. I came across an interesting book recently written by a woman who happily claims that she has made the transition from recovery to discovery. Good for her, I thought.

I am also very much in discovery mode, but I have no plans to leave my recovery program behind. I like having a program that helps me set my intentions and keep on course. I really like having a higher power, something I found in recovery. I am not religious, but I am following a spiritual path.

I've been finding my way back to myself for more than twenty years, and once in a while I feel like I am getting pretty close to figuring me out. That lasts for about five minutes. The closest I get to the real me is through my writing, so here I am. I think I can do this. I have blogged before, but my posts turned overly sentimental. The best I can say about the experience is that it was a good start to my learning how to write on a regular basis. I managed to write several heartfelt tributes to my dead mother, and an apparently interesting post about cancer, money, and me (says my dear friend, Jayn). 

Today is a brand new day. A new blog. I am known to be witty, and I am back in therapy to deal with my addiction to working too much, so this could be interesting. At least for me.

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