Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eleven Years

My Mom died eleven years ago today. I would write about this sad anniversary but I'm afraid that I might lose myself in grief if I get started. I did write my way through it last year, and survived. Honestly, I just don't have the energy, today. My Dad is here, and he hasn't said a word about it, I am not sure if he realizes what day it is or not. Not sure if I will bring it up before the day is done.

In any case, I have Royal Wedding preparations to take care of, as well as a playoff hockey game to watch. So. I miss you Mom. I hope you are doing well, Wills and Kate. And - Go Habs Go.

Fortunately, You Tube always come through when I can't or choose not to find the words myself.

In loving memory of my Mom, Dorothy Mary
April 1932 - April 2000


  1. i'm keeping you in the light, and my thoughts and prayers. hope you are comforted during this tough time

  2. Thank you, Mary. Feeling very happy today. Hugs to you.