Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's A Happy Day

Last evening, I had an email from Gwen R. advising that I will be featured as Sober Blogger of the Month for May.

I am quite thrilled, honoured, humbled. I had no idea when I started this recovery blog that I would connect with so many wonderful people who are on the path of recovery and self-discovery and are sharing the message at the same time. I plan on posting about my go-to recovery bloggers this week, but a perfect starting point for others who want to discover this community of online recovery is Gwen's TwelveBeads Modem2Modem site.

May is my favourite month. My belly button birthday is in May (the 5th) and my recovery anniversary is as well (the 11th). I've spent so much time this past few months reflecting about where I am at, and where I want to be. Part of my process has been decluttering my home, slowing down and simplifying my life. I have come across a lot of reminders from my past that have given me pause. Mostly good pauses. I posted a few weeks ago about a couple of poems that I wrote way back in the day - before I came into recovery. A few days ago, I found the very first poem that I ever wrote in recovery. It kind of makes me giggle to think that I started this quest to learn how to live in the moment twenty odd years ago.

holds memories and lessons
quite a few

has my dreams, my hopes,
of which some may come true

anything that isn't now
I try to put away...

look for all I need from
life, in all I have


I haven't quite gotten there yet. But I am pleased to be reminded that I have for a very long time, been committed to the concept of mindfulness and living in the moment.


  1. Awesome poem!! What a mantra!

    Dawn, too cool! I pass the reigning crown for "sober blog award" off to you - and will be listed under the "blog awarded" as your neighbor! Love it.

    Your blog does rock - one of the first ones I found!

  2. congrats!!! i loved being sober blogger of the month!! so many beautiful perspectives are out there advocating for recovery and i'm so glad yours got the recognition it deserves!

  3. Congrats Dawn. Your blog is beautiful and I'm so happy for you that you are being acknowledged for the light you share with the world.

  4. Dawn, Mary and Kristen: You are all so lovely. I spent the afternoon in my garden, thinking about all of the gifts in my life. This cyber community of like-spirited women is at the top of my gratitude list. I look forward to catching up on my blog writing and even reading! I am heading up island with my Dad tomorrow for two days, then back for a couple before he heads off, and my pace goes back to the healing normal that I was becoming accustomed to!

  5. "I am heading up island with my Dad tomorrow for two days,"

    For the record, I LOVE when bloggers take the time to explain their absence - because you're right - we are a community, and we do stay in touch - consequently tend to worry when one member becomes MIA

    Have a glorious time with Dad~

  6. hi, i am new to this but i like your blog. now i' am off to read more. i am not new to being sober,just new to following bloggers

  7. Thanks, Julie and Judy! Welcome, Judy - it's a warm and wonderful place here in the blogosphere.