Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Little Nostalgia

I thoroughly enjoy reading the blogs that proud moms write about their hugely adorable kids. There weren't blogs back when my little ones were busy being the cutest kids in the world, or maybe I would have blogged about them too.

Yesterday, I spent part of the afternoon going through some old family papers. Most of them made me giggle, a few made me howl with laughter, and a few others brought a tear or two to my eye. Just for the fun of it, I want to share the Christmas lists that our two daughters wrote in 1999. Anybody who had, or was, a teenager in 1999 should remember or relate to at least some of the items on these lists.

Here they are, reproduced exactly as they wrote them.

First Born's List (she was 17 at the time)

Cordless phone
CD organizer (about 72 discs)
Clothes or gift certificates
Little silver hoop earrings (cheap ones)
Black liquid eyeliner
Dill pickle popcorn seasoning
Jo Dee Messina CD (the one with “I’m Alright”)
"Big Shiny Tunes 4"
Lipsmackers (9000 flavours)
Black leather jacket (please and thanks)
Back Street Boys "Millenium"
A pony
Cell phone
An apartment
Dixie Chicks new CD

Yoga Kid's' List (she was 14 at the time)

Stereo with remote control, extra bass, DBBS, programmable
Superman t-shirt
Blue slippers
Corner table (Ikea)
Mosquito net
Korn "Issues" CD
Clothes (funky skirts)
Silver jewellery
Dream dictionary/interpreter
Hair accessories
Hair crimper/waver/straightener
Big blue inflatable chair
Disposable camera
Gel nails

Yoga Kid still loves music, funky clothes and jewellery. She still reads mostly non-fiction books, the majority of which focus on yoga, her life's passion. She's into photography, and has a very fancy camera that she used the day that she and I spent the afternoon at the beach last month. She takes a wicked shot of sea glass, check it out! She still takes great care with her beautiful head of hair, but I don't think she would be caught dead with gel nails, today.

First Born was joking about the pony, but she still begs us every year to get a family puppy to replace our dog Molly, who died a few years ago. She has an iPhone these days, and has for all of her teenage and adult life been very phone focussed. It's funny to see that she asked for a "cordless" phone. I don't think there are any phones today that even have cords, are there? She still loves silver hoop earrings, and dill pickle popcorn seasoning. She has an apartment, but she didn't get it for Christmas.

They were good kids, that year. They definitely got a few of the things that they put down on those lists.


  1. Haha - First Born has not changed much at all! She asked for a Black leather jacket this year too.

  2. amazing!! Millenium was my must have item of 99 :)

  3. No, Taryn (aka Yoga Kid) - she really hasn't changed too much. I don't remember if she got the jacket back in 1999...but she got the faux leather one this year! Mary - First Born graduated from New Kids on the Block, to Backstreet Boys. I think that would have been the right order! I am glad somebody could connect to the list!