Monday, March 28, 2011

Sad Violin - Violon Triste

Well then, I guess I am swinging from nostalgia (yesterday's post) to melancholia, today. Can't seem to shake it, so thought I might as well go with it. I don't mind feeling sad. It's hard to explain. I don't like it, but I accept it.

The best way to deal with feeling melancholy, I have found - is to embrace it wholeheartedly. And then let it go.

Music helps me get to where I need to go with sadness. If there is a sadder piece of music out there than this one, please let me know. In the meantime, enjoy?

This video is also a good writing prompt. Something about the changing colours and the woeful tune conjures up creativity. Well, for me, anyway.


  1. I "do" get what you write about embracing sadness. Heck, I'm a huge fan of sad movies, prefer it over a comedy. I'm not one who is capable of acting "as if" ~ for me, what you see is what you get, I yam what I yam, no fallacious attempts, no airs, eccentricities, well, maybe , but if I'm blue, I prefer to walk "through" it than step around!!

  2. Yes, a haunting piece, I can see what you mean about it being a good writing prompt.

    I like what guest Dawn (above) comments too. I'd agree, and say that literally walking through is a great tonic - nothing like a brisk walk to blow a downer away!

  3. Thanks Dawn and Deborah. I walked through it, and got through it.