Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tomorrow is Sundae

Sometimes the world is out to get me. I am utterly convinced.

Take tonight for instance. I've just finished watching a really sad movie (My Sister's Keeper, based on the novel of the same name by Jodi Picoult.) I cried my eyes out watching it, but in sort of a good way, you know? Unfortunately, I am now quite desperate for ice cream. When I get emotional, I need sugar. When I am really emotional, the sugar needs to be in frozen form.

Up until last year, I had a very serious Dilly Bar addiction (Dairy Queen Dilly Bars). I had to give them up when Dairy Queen started selling two boxes of bars for the price of one. In any case, we don't normally keep ice cream in the house these days. It's for my own good. Soul Mate is out for the evening, and I'm in my pyjamas and don't feel like getting dressed to go out and get myself a fix. I'm in serious need of a distraction so thought perhaps I should just write for a spell.

Here is what I just came across when I went to Google to do a search:


Why on earth is there a picture of a sundae in the Google banner? Is it International Ice Cream Lovers Day, or what?

Kind of funny. Kind of not. 

I'm having ice cream tomorrow, for sure.

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