Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy

I've been on such a downer this past while, it feels wonderful to be able to say that I've experienced some happy moments, this week. All because:
  • It is snowing pink petals, everywhere;
  • I found a perfect storage solution for our very small bathroom (chrome shelving unit that goes over the toilet);
  • Soul Mate was able to put said unit together easily (he didn't even swear);
  • I gambled that the bath mat from Superstore would match our shower curtain when I got it home, and it did;
  • I made the best damned lasagna, ever;
  • I now have the cleanest fridge, ever;
  • I have only screwed up two rows of the scarf I am knitting;
  • I decided I could live with two screwed up rows, and didn't take the scarf apart and start over;
  • I took Yoga Kid's hatha class last night, and was so proud of her, I nearly cried;
  • First Born survived a week-long ear infection and is feeling better;
  • My white lilac tree has buds all over it and is sure to burst into bloom;
  • I fell asleep easily last night, and slept soundly through the night (doesn't happen often);
  • I sat in a room tonight that was filled with awesome, beautiful people; 
  • I started a Jodi Picoult novel, and I love her writing;
  • For the first time in months, I didn't have to crawl into my bed when I got home from my therapy session this morning. 
Small steps, but all in the right direction.


  1. I love the list - I should do that at the end of every week to remind myself how lucky I am.

    What is the recipe for your lasagna? I am always looking for good ones. Can you email it to me? jengledow(at)indy(dot)rr(dot)com.

    I really enjoy reading Jodi Picoult - her books stay with me for awhile after reading them. Which one are you reading?

  2. I now have fridge envy, LOL. Like this post a lot, Dawn great reminders.

  3. Thanks, Jenni and Cynthia. I will type up and send the recipe, Jenni (I am reading _House Rules_). As for fridge envy, I envy anybody who has ice cream in their freezer tonight.