Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slowing Down on a Sunday Afternoon

My mother taught me to love Sunday afternoons. So I'm trying hard to love this one. You have to catch the right "pace" to nail a good Sunday afternoon. The trick is not to be too productive, but yet not become so relaxed that it could be mistaken for paralysis. So far, I'm doing pretty well.

Here are the highlights:
  • drank two cups of creamed earl grey (sweetened, with milk)
  • ate two crumpets, smothered in butter and plum jam
  • had a Skype call with my dear cousin from Montreal. It was her first time on Skype, it was hilarious to see how excited she was, and she got to show me around her house, which was cool
  • had a Skype call with my other cousin from Montreal and two of her three boys. Dylan asked me if we grow mangoes where I live (we don't)
  • spent a few minutes tidying off my desk
  • read a few chapters of a new novel (Sheila Curran's Everyone She Loved)
  • listened to one of my favourite tunes sung by K.D. Lang
Now I am waiting for Yoga Kid to get home, she went to pick up First Born. We are having family dinner for the first time in a while. Everybody is so busy these days, I'm really looking forward to being together for a meal. Soul Mate has his specialty ribs baking in the oven. He smothers them in garlic, covers them with orange slices and bakes them for hours, then tosses them in a secret bbq sauce and bakes them a while longer. I am going to make asparagus and salad. Lemon meringue pie for dessert.

Family, food, and as much reading as I can fit in. Exactly the way my mother taught me. Happy Sunday afteroon, everybody. As Leonard Cohen wrote, and K.D. Lang can really belt out...Hallelujah.


  1. KD nailed it!!
    This is my favorite performance of such a GREAT song.

  2. My favourite performance of this fabulous song too. She sang it for the Olympics too, it made me cry.

  3. Fabulous image of your Sun afternoon! Your mom would be proud!!!!
    Too funny , I hope you know, on the ribs! My husband made the same; slow cooked them sat., then started them up on sun. and OHHH EMMM GEEEE ! Too good!