Saturday, March 19, 2011

Serenity at the Shore

It's Saturday, and it's really warm out. The sun is shining. Soul Mate and I wander along the beach. He's like a little kid at the side of the sea. 

He meanders along, poking at the sand with a stick, picking up rocks and gnarled lengths of driftwood. He climbs high upon the storm strewn logs and smiles. Yes, I think. You can be the "king of the castle" for today. Eventually, he joins me in my ongoing life quest to find the perfect piece of sea glass. I find one or two gems, but none as magnificent as "Hearty," the one I found last month when I combed the beach with Yoga Kid.

Gratitude washes over me as I sit and ponder the beauty of our shore, our island. I say a prayer for the people suffering so deeply on the other side of this ocean, the ocean that I love so much. God bless them all.


  1. Lovely piece, Dawn, with beautiful photos.

  2. Beautiful post and pictures. I love the ocean very much too.

  3. Thanks, Deborah and Belle. I spend a lot of time at the ocean. It grounds me like nothing much else can...and the beauty of it awes me each and every time.