Friday, February 4, 2011

I Did It

My therapist is going to be so pleased with me. I took today as a vacation day and actually had a vacation day. It looked like this:
  • I slept in.
  • I did not get dressed all day.
  • I did not do laundry, or clean my home office.
  • I did not devote more than a total of five minutes to thoughts or actions related to my job.
  • I did not feel guilty about any of the above.
  • I Skyped with my sister and four-year-old nephew for one hour and seventeen minutes.
  • I listened to a podcast on writing loglines for screenplays.
  • I played around with my own screenplay outline.
  • I starting reading two new books on mindfulness and twelve step recovery that arrived in the mail today.
  • I let my husband make me an awesome tuna sandwich and tomato soup for supper.
  • I checked in on Anderson Cooper in Cairo and he seems to be doing a little better today, but I still think he should come home.
  • I had some really creative moments (a la screenplay) and came to some insightful realizations about what this writing and recovering and discovering gig is really all about for me, and what I need to do next.
I rocked this day.

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