Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First, Do Nothing

Is it wrong to be working on a list of things to do on the very first day of my "supposed to be learning how to do nothing" life? I just don't know the answer.

Melody Beattie's daily meditation for today really kind of nails it. It's about "control."


  1. I think making a list counts as doing something! At least for your first day, just wake up and see what happens. Maybe you will feel like staying in your PJs and watching movies all day :)

    Deep Breath.......

  2. Jenni...my first blog friend. I am just going through and responding to comments. I haven't had that stay in my PJs and watch movies all day yet...but I feel it coming on. I have managed to stay in PJs all day a few times, just haven't done the movie thing yet.