Monday, January 31, 2011


I need to lighten up. 

I tried really hard to climb out of the mental and emotional funk that I found myself in late yesterday, but the little black cloud hung over my head for most of today too. After dinner this evening I thought a hot bath might wash away my misery. It's kind of funny now (several hours later) but the bath actually was just starting to make me feel happier when our daughter, who lives in our suite downstairs, came upstairs and hollered "I think I have a problem." She was right. Something had snapped between the bathtub in which I was reclining and the ceiling in her entryway downstairs. By the time I bailed out of the tub and made it downstairs, my husband had already torn the ceiling apart and water was drip, drip, dripping into a bucket. "It's not that bad," he told me, "just a small broken pipe attached to the bathtub drain." I am going to take his word for it.

Our daughter and I had planned earlier today to do a yoga dvd together. Given that the bath idea was an utter wash (pun intended), we made our way back upstairs to bend and breathe to Rainbeau Mars' Pure Tranquility dvd. But first, because like me, my wee girl is also into letting a deck of pretty cards determine her mood and/or her fate, I pulled a card from her Universal Laws of Conscious Creation Fractal Art Message Cards. I'm not going to pretend that I know what fractal art even means, and I have at least some reservations about the whole law of attraction thing, but the cards are pretty, and the one I pulled seems particularly relevant, should I decide to follow it's message.

My card was titled "The Universal Law of Repetition," which advises, in part:

"The thoughts you think over and over again will become your predominant thoughts and thus become your reality. Be conscious of your internal dialogue and choose constructive thoughts to create a predominantly positive mental attitude. When you repeat a thought or image, you make it easier to do so again, and eventually this repetition becomes automatic and habitual."

Kind of amazing, given my realization just a few days ago that it was the negative chatter in my head that usually messes the most with my serenity. I do feel better after the yoga, and surely to god I won't have a third cranky day tomorrow.

Here's hoping.

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