Friday, February 15, 2013

In Gratitude and Sadness

I found out last night that one more beautiful young woman has been taken by this disease of addiction.

One more beautiful young woman who forgot – or maybe never had the chance to learn – that she really did deserve to live an amazing life.

I didn’t know her well, but I can picture her smile and as I think of her right now, I see her laughing. I saw her at various meetings last year and I spoke with her a handful of times. I know that I hugged her.

I’ve been doing this recovery thing for a long time. And I have seen a lot of beautiful women die, so many more than I could count. I am sad. And I am furious. And as always I find myself asking, what more, if anything, can I do?

I don’t have the answer. Yet.

But for today I am going to continue to shed these tears that fall upon my keyboard. I’m going to pray for this particular young woman’s family and friends. I’m going to pray for all of the other women in my community, and in the world, who are struggling in their addiction today. I’m going to thank my higher power that I and so many people in my life have found our way into this thing called recovery. I’m going to pray that the policy makers and the powers that be wake up and work harder to find ways to offer all suffering addicts a pathway to recovery. I’m going to pray that we all become more open to the fact that there is no “one way” to recover.

Do me a favour? Just reach out to one person today who you know is struggling? Remind them that they are beautiful, worthwhile, and amazing. Do it in honour of all of the beautiful young women who didn’t learn that about themselves and/or didn't get the help they needed in time to save their own lives.

Rest in peace, sweet girl. Rest in peace.


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  1. I feel with you and will do the favour you're asking for. I hope someone will think of me too as I'm fighting against depressions... Hugs and kisses from Belgium!