Thursday, June 21, 2012


I haven't blogged in a long while and I couldn't for certain tell you why.

Not sure why today is the day I decided to start blogging again. Okay...that's a lie. I decided to start again because there is a hell of a lot going on in my life and I feel like I need to start writing again to help process and keep track. As I wrote a few posts ago, getting laid off in November was a very painful shock, but it's been a good thing. Going to Mexico a few days after my lay-off for three weeks, then home for Christmas and then back to Mexico for the month of February was pretty flipping cool. Taking life coach training has been provocative and dare I say, exhilarating. Still, over the past six months I have ended up rather emotionally vulnerable. Not vulnerable as in snot dripping down to my knees crying (although been there, done that a few times in the past year) but vulnerable in the sense of so much has been shifting for me...that I'm never positive of what state I am really in. Proud and stressed to the max was the state I found myself in last month when Yoga Kid decided to get married and gave us approximately five minutes to plan the affair. Okay, it was five weeks. Pictures to follow. Happy is a state I often find myself in these days. Tired is another common state. Grateful as much of every day as possible. The usual, plus the vulnerability.

Anxious would be the state that best describes this particular day. For good reason. Tomorrow night I am launching my new website and inviting the world of recovering women to come to our Yoga and Recovery Retreat in Tulum this November.

Anxiety. Fear. I could use a week on the beach right about now. The retreat will be awesome. A complete decompression, a pause, a week of relaxation, yoga, swimming in the turquoise sea. Downward dogs all over the place and moon salutations on the beach under the full moon. I have the proverbial and common fear associated with this and so many things that I do. Kind of...what if you threw a big damned party and nobody came thing. This is not going to be a big damned party. I'm inviting the world (facebook) but we only have room for 19 women. 

Hell, I guess the worst case scenario is we'll have the whole resort to ourselves.


  1. Where is Tulum ?~! I love retreats...

  2. Hi Linda! Tulum is in the Mayan Riviera (about an hour from the Cancun Airport). I launched the website today...check it out!