Monday, September 5, 2011

The Journey Continues

I have just started doing Cheryl Richardson’s Life Makeover program. It’s a 52 week program, but I’m a bit of a keener so am confident that I can do several weeks of her “take action challenges” at a time.  I have simple desires. I just want to continue to shape the life that I want to live. A meaningful life, that’s really all I am after. 

The first exercise in the Life Makeover book is simply to reflect on the previous year and make a list of twenty-five things I am most proud of accomplishing over the last twelve months. This list may include ways that I’ve grown as a person, goals I’ve achieved, and the positive changes I’ve made in my life. I think my list also includes just your average happy highlights from the past year.

In No Particular Order, My Top Twenty-Five Accomplishments From the Past Year:
  1. I admitted that I was powerless and my life had become unmanageable, and took a medical leave from work for exhaustion, stress, anxiety and depression
  2. I took action to truly heal the relationship with my Baby Sister
  3. I started a blog in January and wrote on a daily basis for as long as was practical, I now blog weekly
  4. I started a Facebook page called She Recovers in late July, to share thoughts and inspirations with women in recovery (any or all programs or modes of recovery), and I update it at least twice a day
  5. I went a little deeper with some grief work (I still really, really miss my Mom)
  6. I worked with a therapist for long enough to remember that I am okay, just the way I am
  7. I spent a wonderfully relaxing four day weekend in Tofino in February, with my Soul Mate
  8. I attended a screenwriting workshop
  9. I started writing a screenplay
  10. I organized a small women’s retreat for women in recovery (it was an amazing weekend)
  11. After six years of teaching everything but my favourite topic, I was finally able to develop and teach my dream course (history of health and medicine in 20th century North America, using Hollywood films as sources)
  12. After six years of teaching in addition to working full-time in another professional career, I decided (for the sake of my health) to let go of teaching for the next couple of years while I work on slowing down
  13. I flew to my Baby Sister’s house to surprise my darling Dad for his 80th birthday (he was shocked, and very happy)
  14. I planned and enjoyed a week-long family vacation in a dreamy house on the ocean
  15. I worked steps six through eleven and am working on writing my twelfth step now (the most profoundly life-altering set of steps I have ever worked)
  16. After years of wanting to take up knitting, I took a knitting class, knitted a pair of slippers from a pattern, decided scarves were easier, finished one, now working on another
  17. I planned and enjoyed another surprise for my dad, this time Baby Sister flew here to Victoria while Dad was visiting so she and I could stay up all night and watch the Royal Wedding (Dad stayed up too, but went to bed before the balcony kiss)
  18. I worked really hard at having patience with myself
  19. I planted and tended a flower garden for third year in a row (only killed a few things)
  20. I joined a new home group and have been a dedicated and dependable member for many months
  21. I worked really hard this past year on developing more compassion for others
  22. I wrote each of my daughters a heartfelt birthday blog (Yoga Kid and First Born)
  23. I tried to be a good friend to my Best Friend while she went through a hard time
  24. I stopped being judgmental, and am nearly done with sarcasm
  25. I tried every day, to be mindful, to stay focused in the moment (okay, so it doesn’t always work…but I keep trying)

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