Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Decide

I decided a really long time ago that I wanted to be a writer. 

I just made the decision again.

And I will keep making it, every day if I have to.

Until I become one.

Next weekend is a long weekend. I am going on a writing retreat.

Right here in my own home.

I'll hang a sign on my door, and put a post on Facebook if I must.

Do not disturb. Writer at work.

I expect to have my screenplay in its first full draft by the end of the weekend.

I can't wait until Friday.

Until then, have a good week.

I am going to.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dawn,

    I am inspired by your posting. And love your picture with the quote.

    Being a writer (well, a blogger and sometimes just a hack!), I really empathize with you about just locking yourself up & putting your foot down & just deciding to write.

    Hope you got lots done! ;)

    And I posted a link from my blog about just deciding. It's

    And I want to dedicate it to you.

    Have a great life, Dawn. :)