Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Much To Say

So little time.

I have a lot of blogging to do - I am literally overflowing with thoughts and ideas. So my plan is to write daily again for at least the next several days, starting tonight.

In the meantime, I am desperate to finally post this picture of my mother on this, my blog. My blog has felt incomplete because I've never been able to post this picture here. I've written and will continue to blog about my Mom every so often but it wasn't until today that I learned (*embarrassing*) how to scan a photo using my new printer. Well, not really new - I've had the printer for eight months but only set it up about six weeks ago. Finally, after weeks of failed attempts, I Facebooked my peeps tonight to ask how to scan photos so that they don't show up as Adobe documents. I could use some computer lessons, seriously. Thank you to my people - L and G.

So here is one of my favourite pics of my Mom. She passed away just over eleven years ago, when she was only 68. She was in her 50s in this picture, but this is how I think of her when I picture her in my head and heart. This picture sits on my bedside table. I talk to her/it - often.

I like that the photo shows my Mom's hands. I have for quite some time lamented over the fact that I did not inherit those slender, graceful hands. Mine are kind of stubby. I have read about or heard from so many women who say they have their mother's hands, and I am happy for them, but it also makes me just a little envious. As often as people who knew her tell me that I look like my Mom, I haven't ever been able to see it. Still, I've thought in the past that I would recognize her hands if they were on the end of my wrists.

Something pretty miraculous happened several weeks ago. I was sitting in my Thursday night recovery meeting, just listening, and when I glanced down at my right hand I saw for the first time that - I have her thumb. I hadn't recognized it before but I've grown my nails recently, and well - there it was. When I realized it was there, I shed myself a few tears. Happy tears, of course. I love my new thumb.

Thanks, Mom. And - welcome to my blog.


  1. I now have her eyebrows. And the esthetician commented about my lovely natural arch as you can clearly see in this picture. Ps: thank you for blogging. Use these blogs as the premise for that 'lost dawn' movie you wrote to me about earlier!

  2. You also have her nose. I have the Bunn nose, the rest of you have the Thompson honker. Not a bad also very clearly inherited her baking gene. Me - not so much.