Friday, April 8, 2011

Cheerio For Now

I am just about to shut off my computer for the the weekend and head off to a beach house with some close female friends. Hope to do a little healing, a lot of laughing, shed a tear, or three. A little bit of step writing. Some healthy eating. A walk by the ocean or two. A hot tub or two. About eight cups of Creamed Earl Grey.

It's a beautiful day in Paradise. Peace out. Here is where you will find me...

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  1. Beach house? In April? Wow. I am battling melting snow and mud and frozen dog poop. I envy you. But you deserve it and I am sure you will have a glorious time. I just checked out the accomodation link and how can you have anything BUT a good time. I will be thinking of you while I go scouting for crocuses. Maybe it is too early but I want to go looking for them this weekend. I love crocuses and they remind me of spring. But a beach house in April... Wow.
    Oh, I love the new background of this page. Peaceful yet springy.

  2. Thanks, Val! Hope you found a crocus. I was out gardening last night - weeks a plenty.

  3. I love the new look of your page!

    I love my girl weekends - I hope you had a terrific one!