Friday, March 4, 2011

I Write, She Writes, We All Write

Still trying to learn the art of self care in order to deal with some health issues. To that end, I am  on a mini-vacation, all tucked up cozy with Soul Mate in a beehive shaped cabin on the north west coast, listening to the rain pound on the wooden roof and watching waves crash against the shore below us. It is hard to be anxious or depressed here.

Oh well. It's nice to have time to cruise one of my absolutely favourite websites, She Writes. I am participating in a "blog hop" which basically means that I will be visiting other She Writers' blogs, and one or two of them should be visiting me here. I think. (First timer).

A few things about me:
  • Most people think that I'm pretty funny but I am currently on stress leave from work (with clinical depression) so I'm not cracking up too many people these days
  • I have a screenplay in first draft
  • My mother died 10 years ago and apparently, I am not quite over it
  • I love Creamed Earl Grey tea
  • Today I ate more than 1/2 bag of President's Choice Brown Rice and Sea Salt Crisps because I thought they were good for me - then I read that 17 crips were 240 calories (so basically, I consumed about 720 calories for an afternoon snack)
  • I love my life, truly.
But enough about me. Thanks so much for dropping by!

Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!


  1. Hi Dawn,

    Stopping by to say hello for the Blog Hop! Good on you for having finished a screenplay to first draft! What sort of screenplay is it? Also I am a major tea addict and love creamed early grey too. The best thing about living in Taiwan as I do is the drink stores. Endless combos of all sorts of tea drinks, juices and ice crushes. It's amazingly good.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :) I hope things look up for you soon x

  2. Hi Dawn ~ just did something on my site that I did on Marcia Meiers' site earlier today. I called her "Helen" in my comment (who happened to be the name of the first person in the comments). Well... you called me "Sam" (the first person who left a comment to my post). I just think that's an interesting coincidence - funny.

    Thanks for stopping though - you commented on the post "I'm Not Heavy... It's Just My Heart." I'm glad you could relate, and trust that writing will help you through it all as much as it has me...took me right out of the midst of depression a number of months ago :~)

    I really enjoy your site and your style of writing,, I've decided to follow you, and we can stay in touch either here or at She Writes.

  3. I'm here from the blog hop! Thanks for your comment on my blog, don't get more back pain from shifting all those books from the garage. Writing from the heart - well, a dfficult task as every writer knows. Good luck! Hope your screenplay is coming on nicely and you get plenty of visitors this weekend to this blog, I love the watercolour-esque background!Beautiful.

  4. Hello from another Deborah, also on the blog hop! I can tell already that you do write from the heart - your honesty shines through and I bet that makes for a searingly good screenplay. Good luck with it, and stay positive.

  5. Hello from another blog hopper.

    I completely understand the wild snacking. Once found Stouffer's Mac and cheese on sale and brought them to school for an emergency snack. I had 5 emergencies that week and gobbled them all up. As I was tossing the last box away I flipped it over to check out the calories and almost died. Each emergency box had 200g of fat...Oh my goodness! It was a rough week.

  6. Kathmeista, Kathy, Deborah, Deborah, and V:

    I can't thank you enough for dropping by and for leaving such remarkably lovely comments. Your understanding and support blows me away. I didn't know that blogging would become what it has to me. I am getting more and more comfortable with writing vulnerability, and hoping that I am not going over the edge with that, so comments really help. As for the screenplay, I am going to blog about soon as I am satisfied with my logline! Thanks again.