Saturday, February 26, 2011

Making A List

I feel compelled to make a gratitude list. In no particular order, these are the things I feel grateful for, right now, in this moment:
  • I spent over five hours today with Yoga Kid and First Born (shopping for eyeglasses) and not one of us bitched or fought about anything (this is an amazing feat)
  • As of tonight, we have a new premier in our province (similiar to a state's governor, if you are American) and it's a woman
  • A boat fell on Soul Mate at work the other day and it didn't squish him to death (he did injure his shoulder and neck)
  • I love getting comments, and Jenni Engledow left me a lovely one (check out Jenni's blog, listed in my Blogs of Note)
  • Tomorrow is the Academy Awards, and I get to continue a tradition by watching them with my daughters (I always used to watch them with my mother, but then she died)
  • Only five more sleeps and Soul Mate and I get to go to Tofino for the first time ever
  • I am beginning to understand the nature of my malaise, and am figuring out what I need to do in order to heal
  • I drank a Tim Horton's 1/2 French Vanilla, 1/2 Coffee drink this evening, first time in a really long time (I used to live on them)
  • A dear friend is recovering well from colon cancer surgery (I did too)
  • I get to crawl into bed and sleep under our new duvet (it's Egyptian Cotton, don't know how we lived without one until now)
  • I am pretty sure Soul Mate will make me bacon and eggs in the morning if I ask him nicely (apologies to the vegans and vegetarians)
  • I had a really good hair day
  • I sat in a room full of friends this evening and knew with absolute certainty that there is a higher power.
In gratitude,

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